iPhone XR – 10 TIPS & TRICKS!

47 thoughts on “iPhone XR – 10 TIPS & TRICKS!”

  1. i'm getting an iphone xr but i still resent apple lmao. you know they won't add these features that they totally could. But, since they're available on a more expensive model they're going to leave it the way it is because they want you to buy the expensive model. because, yknow they're apple and they stopped caring about the customer a long time ago.

  2. I just upgraded from a iPhone 8 Plus to the iPhone XR and this video was very helpful especially making the Face ID faster part. Overall I have been watching many other YouTube videos about this iPhone and they were all saying just about the same thing like this video but you a had a few extra stuff that added on to my knowledge of this iPhone.

  3. I couldn't take it. I'm not sure if you had no time to breathe or just on a race. When you edit, you need to leave a space between the clips, not run them smack into each other clipping the audio. I had to leave this U-Tube early!

  4. I miss the "Home" button for holding down and seeing all the open apps. Then it was easy to swipe each app to close. The XR has a very twitchy swipe for seeing open apps. Any suggestions on a hack?

  5. I can easily spend money for an Iphone XS or XS max but I am choosing the XR, I just love everything about it and dont need to have the 2 cameras, or a crazy display, the iphone XR seems amazing and not that much different from the others, I am upgrading from a 6, can't wait!

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