Introducing the Windows 95 Phone

34 thoughts on “Introducing the Windows 95 Phone”

  1. Honestly, Windows 95 would be WORLDS BETTER than garbage 8. The funcionality would probably be like those Sylvania Windows CE netbooks, with the modern apps like Youtube and Skype being Chinese homebrew versions written in assembly language.

    Of course, I'm thinking about this way too much since this is just a parody video.

  2. All kidding aside, I have a Windows phone and I love it (aside from the media player which is GOD AWFUL.) The problem was that they were charging phone makers to use the platform and app developers as well. Now that they are providing it for free, I think Windows phone could take off soon.

  3. I actually configured an app on my phone that launches actual Windows 95. When I hover my Note II SPen over the screen it moves the mouse. Touching the screen is mouse 1 and pressing the button on the SPen is mouse 2.

  4. Video is awesome. Really anyone who is bent out of shape over this video needs to relax. I love my WP, but a joke is a joke, and this was pretty damn good.

  5. And the video is still weak and stupid. No one can deny that Nokia's Lumia phones with Windows Phone 8 are awesome! Plus, the upcoming Lumia 1520 is a beast! Naysayers/WP haters… begin crying! I'll be watching from a 6" screen and an awesome YouTube client (Metrotube), when the Lumia 1520 is released. In the meantime, my Nokia Lumia 920 is pretty awesome, too!

  6. LOL! The creator of this stupid and unfunny video probably owns an iPhone 5s. You know… the phone that's been giving its owners the BSOD (Google it!). LOL at the iSheep, because the Nokia Lumia 1520 is on the way, bee-otches!

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