How to Put Music on your Android Phone

50 thoughts on “How to Put Music on your Android Phone”

  1. You cannot add an iTunes song to android like that coz iTunes is AAC and android will only play mp3you need to create an MP3 version before you drag n drop into your android device, sorry for bombing this video out but you are giving incorrect information here

  2. I don't know what kind of android you guys have but there is NEVER a green button or a mount button to press or any of that stuff that pops up on your screen. My Galaxy 4.0 Samsung Centura does absolutely nothing because its a shitty version of a phone that Wal-Mart admits was a piece of shit begin with. Can't follow any steps when your device and laptop does something completely different than ours.

  3. What I did to fix this was go to Settings > Storage… then in there, make sure Mass storage only is enabled. Or in other words, make sure the box by it is checked.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Dosn't matter how I do this the music I put on my Galaxy Ace they do not stay on. I also load photos and the same happens except they just come up as blank broken files. Pissed off is not a strong enough word for how I feel.

  5. everytime i plug my usb cable into my mac it doesnt even give a symbol saying that i even plugged in a usb onto my computer. idk why.. I got a nexus android 4G please help

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