Easily Play DreamCast Games On Android – Phone,Tablet,TV

22 thoughts on “Easily Play DreamCast Games On Android – Phone,Tablet,TV”

  1. I love redream but they have boxart issues.
    Out of my 60 games, it says i have 4 mr.drillers (i dont have that game) and some dont get boxart at all.

    SONIC ADVENTURE should have box art, we arnt talking about some really rare game here.

    Till then ill play more mr driller, ooops i mean virtua fighter 3

  2. I don’t see ReDream in the google play store on my nvidia shield controller. I’m running Android 5.1, I hope it’s compatible. I used to use Reicast but that stopped working. Crashes a lot and won’t read .cdi files

  3. Hey ETA you did a Lenovo chinese tablet from grbest a year+ back. how would this work with that table. I bought it because it was full HD instead of any cheap US tab which were 1366×768 and worse cpu.

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